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What to visit in Zadar on a Charter Yacht - The Best Yachting Vacations

A Yacht Charter Zadar - sail around Dugi Otok

Explore Dugi Otok on a Charter Yacht

About 45 km long, it is the largest island in the North Dalmatian archipelago. The SW coast of the island is especially magnificent - steep with fascinating cliffs with line of beautiful bays - long white sandy beach Sakarun and the Nature Park Telašćica being the most beautiful among them.

A Yacht Charter Zadarc- sailing destination Nin

Nin Yacht Charter

A small, historic town near Zadar, Nin is situated in a lagoon on the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea, surrounded by natural sandy beaches and linked with the mainland by two stone bridges from the 16th century. Its historical center on an islet is only 500 meters in diameter and is one of the older towns on the eastern Adriatic. 

Sail Kornati with A Yacht Charter Zadar

Kornati on a Charter Yacht

A group of about 150 islands, occupying the area of 320 sq km of the central Adriatic, most of it belonging to the marine ecosystem, including the Kornati National Park. Some popular Yachting destinations include Mala Proversa, numerous small islands and bays; the karst rock-area Tarac, the Opat peninsula and Purara reserve.

How to Choose and Charter A Yacht in Zadar Area

If you wish to spend your holidays on a yacht charter, Zadar has a lot to offer. Zadar region charter offers exploration of its coastline in a variety of motor yachts, crewed, skippered or bareboat sailing yachtscatamaransgulets throughout the sailing season, from early April till November, reaching a peak in July and August. The best season for sailing is early summer with good S/SE winds in May and June, while the winds during July and August are generally calmer. Summer temperatures are between 26 to 30°C in average and the sea temperature is about 25°C.


Getting to Zadar

You can get to Zadar either by air, land or sea. There is a highway connecting Zadar with Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary (if you travel by car) and bus lines from the main towns of Croatia, as well as the train lines from Zagreb, Knin and Split. You can also take the fast shipping lines and ferry from Italy and other Croatian ports. The nearest airports are the ones in Zadar, Rijeka and Split.


Charter Yacht Facilities

Zadar charter offers top yachting services, with its numerous marinas and ports in the town itself and its vicinity. Some most popular marinas in Zadar and the surrounding coastal towns are Marina Zadar; Zadar Fosa Marina, Zadar Jazine Marina, Zadar Uvala Bregdetti Marina, Zadar Uvala Dražanica Marina, Marina Borik, Marina Virtenjak Harbour, Tankerkomerc Zadar Marina, Marina Preko and Marina Dalmacija. The last one is situated in Sukošan and is perhaps the best known, being the largest marina on the coast, ideally located to easily sail away to the nearby national parks: Kornati, Krka or Paklenica.


Sailing Destinations in Zadar Area

Some famous destinations definitely worth visiting in Zadar region charter include The Kornati Islands, a national park, numbering more than 80 islands where you can find peace and quiet. Skradin is another popular place to visit, from where you can easily visit the famous Krka National park and waterfalls. Some other stopovers on Zadar yacht charter include Bay of Telašćica, the southern end of Dugi Otok, with many bays, coves and anchorages; Zlarin, a beautiful island famous for its coral jewellery; Murter, the island which is one of the last strongholds of traditional wooden shipbuilding and Prvić Luka, beautiful secluded bay famous for its restaurants. 


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