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Catamaran Charter Zadar

Zadar charter catamaran

Why Charter a Catamaran in Zadar Area?

Zadar charter catamarans are very popular with sailors because of their stability, spaciousness and significant safety - they are virtually unsinkable. They can be sail or engine-powered, with two engines, one in each hull. Catamarans can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters abounding on the Adriatic coast, especially alongside the coastal region of Zadar, as well as numerous islands and islets of the Kornati Archipelago. They are also popular because they allow for more privacy than the Monohull cruisers and their panoramic view from the cockpit is spectacular. Catamarans are a great choice if you get sea sick - their stability will make you feel like dancing on the sea.


Sailing on Catamaran

Is it Better to Charter a Catamaran or a Monohull?

There are many benefits of choosing a catamaran over a monohull. Catamarans rarely heel more than 5 degrees, which means offshore passages are less tiring, drink and food stay on the table and there is less chance of getting sea-sick. Modern catamarans sail windward as much as 25% faster, while off the wind it can go 75% to 100% faster than a monohull. Catamarans have a shallow draft and there are more anchoring possibilities. They have large, wide deck areas and a larger salon providing 360-degree visibility. More space enables more privacy - catamarans have separate hulls with separate cabins. Modern catamarans need no ballast and their buoyancy also means that you cannot overcrowd them.

How and Where to Charter Catamarans?

If you are thinking on chartering a catamaran for your yachting vacation in the Zadar area, you might want to get more acquainted with catamaran yachts. Check out our Sailing Catamaran Yachts page, which gives you additional information on why you should charter a catamaran yacht for your sailing vacation, as well as useful tips for choosing and chartering a catamaran. Get to know the types and sizes of catamarans and discover the benefits of sailing a catamaran.