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Sailing Yachts Charter in Zadar - How to Choose a Sailing Yacht in Zadar Area?

Charter Bavaria sailing yacht

Is the brand of the Yacht Important?

The brand of a yacht can be a determining factor when choosing a yacht to charter. The popular yacht manufacturers have become popular for many reasons - sailors choose them because of quality of their boats, price, performance and sailing amenities, newest equipment and excellent user reviews. Most of all, they want to feel safe.

The most popular brands of the Sailing Yacht are Beneteau, Bavaria, Hanse and Jeanneau. Their yacht selection includes a variety of sailboats, ideal for expert yachtsmen and inexperienced sailors. These recommended charter yachts are of different sizes and types, some perfect for family sailing holidays, others for team-buildings or regattas.

Sailing yacht for charter in Zadar area

Most Popular Charter Sailing Yacht Brands in Zadar

The most popular brands of the Sailing Yachts in Zadar area are Beneteau, Bavaria, Hanse and Jeanneau.

Beneteau - French builder, the most popular models are Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 and Beneteau Oceanis 50 Family.

Bavaria, very popular German builder famous for their elegant and modern, high class cruiser and sports models, the most popular ones being Bavaria 36 and 40 Cruiser and Bavaria 27 and 28 Sport.

Hanse has become a very popular yacht name. The most popular models include Hanse 445 and 495.

Jeanneau, French builder offering luxurious sailboat lines famous for their elegance and comfort, such as Sun Fast and Sun Odyssey (lines DS  and "i").



Sailing Yachts for Charter

Find out more about the most popular sailing yacht brands for charter in Zadar on our specialized pages. Visit Beneteau Yacht Selection and read some useful tips on how to charter the right Beneteau sailing yacht or what type of charter to choose. Hanse Yacht Selection gives you an overview of the best Hanse yacht features and useful advice on weather and cooking. If you are more interested in Bavaria sailing yachts, browse the Bavaria Yacht Selection page or discover the amazing features of Jeanneau yachts. Other popular sailing yacht brands include Elan and Dufour sailing yachts so explore their pages as well. Enjoy your Zadar yachting experience!