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Sailing Attractions near Dugi Otok

Saharun Beach

Saharun Beach is a beautiful white sand and pebble beach on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok. It is about a kilometer long and faces the open Adriatic Sea. The white sand gives the water turquoise color. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Behind the beach there is a beautiful pine tree forest that provides shade during summer heats. Saharun beach is very shallow which makes it perfect for families with small children. It is a peaceful oasis by day and the centre of fun and entertainment by night. Saharun is becoming known for its summer beach parties which last 24 hours. In the vicinity of the beach there are picturesque villages of Veli Rat, Verunić, Božava and Soline. Saharun Beach is a must see beach without a doubt.

Lighthouse Veli Rat

Lighthouse Veli Rat was built in 1849 on the southwestern part of island of Dugi Otok, 35 km west of the city of Zadar. The lighthouse is 42 m high and is the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic. In the courtyard of the lighthouse there is the St. Nicholas chapel, a place that has become very popular for organization of romantic weddings. According to the legend, the thick walls of the lighthouse were painted with 100,000 yolks to make it more resistant to sea and wind. The waters surrounding the lighthouse are relatively shallow and great for underwater fishing. The best underwater fishing area is about 2 miles east of the lighthouse, where there are steep cliffs. The amazing lighthouse Veli Rat also offers apartment accommodation to Dugi Otok visitors.